January in Prague

Chrissa and I spent the Christmas holidays road tripping and skiing in Austria. On new years day we took a train from Vienna to Prague where we spent four days. We were both impressed by the medieval beauty of the city.

Christmas in Austria

This past Christmas, Chrissa and I visited Austria where her friends Katerina and Stergios live. We spent a night in Salzburg before teaming up with Maria and driving to Kitzbuhel the next day where we hit the slopes for the first time.

It had been more than five years since the last time I snowboarded so I was glad I could still do it without falling on my face. Our next stop was one of the best ski resorts in Austria, St. Anton am Arlberg. It was also Christmas day so after spending the day on the mountain, later that night we had a lovely meal at a local restaurant. The net day we left St. Anton and went to another village on the same mountain, Lech am Arlberg where we hit the slopes one more time.

The next day Katerina, Maria and Stergios had to return to work so we all drove back to Salzburg where Chrissa and I explored the city sights. We walked the cute city streets, all decorated with Christmas lights, had some gluhwein at the Christmas Markets and took the funicular up to the castle to watch the sunset.

Chrissa and I said goodbye to the guys the day after, rented a car and made our way towards Vienna. We had planned to stay the night at Zell am See but on our way there we knew we wanted to stop by Hallstatt, a very picturesque village on a lake. We arrived in Zell am See late that night and the next morning we went up the mountain for one last day of carving the snow. On our way to Vienna we made s stop at Graz, where we visited the Graz Art Museum for an architectural tour. 

Our final stop in Austria was Vienna. The city was truly beautiful, especially with all the Christmas decorations up. It was new years eve so we went to the city hall to watch the fireworks. It was a stunning display, despite the cold weather. The Austria roadtrip was over but we still had four days of holidays ahead of us. We got on a train and made our way to Prague.

The Architecture of Basel, Switzerland

Chrissa and I visited the third largest city of Switzerland, Basel, to explore it's beautiful architecture. The old city centre is full of cute medieval houses and cobbled streets but once you leave the centre the picture changes as there are quite a few pharmaceutical companies based here with their modern headquarters.

Basel is on the boarders of France and Germany and very to Vitra Campus where they design and manufacture stunning furniture. Also every structure on the campus is designed by a renowned architect so it was a must for us to visit.