May in Malta

Chrissa’s colleague Francesca was getting married in Malta so we used the wedding as an excuse to explore a new country. The first day we went on a vintage bus tour around the island and met everyone who would be at the wedding (around our age). The next morning we went for a quick dive before attending the lovely wedding and super fun reception and after party. On day three we drove up north to see Popeye Village, the film set for the 80’s movie and then took a ferry across to Comino Island to swim in the famous Blue Lagoon. On our last day we visited the Rotunda of Mosta, a Roman Catholic parish church in Mosta, Malta, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. Then we took the ferry to Gozo Island and had a swim at Rahmla Bay before visiting Calypsos Cave with its stunning view. Then we made our way to where the world famous Azure Window used to be for another dive.

March in New York

Day 1 - Manhattan Cruise And Top Of The Rock

On day one of our visit to New York City, myself, Chrissa, Alex and Julie got the chance to cruise  around the Island of Manhattan with Circle Line Cruises who have hosted over 60 million passenger in the past 70 years! On our way to Pier 83 where the boat would depart we stopped at the Columbia University Campus where Alex and Julie are students, to have a look around.

After visiting a few of the buildings and the Library, we made our way Midtown and after a quick coffee break we reached Pier 83 and boarded the cruise boat. The Cruise would last two and a half hours and there was a tour guide, Dave, who would be telling us all about what we were seeing. The weather was freezing outside but thankfully the indoor seating was very comfortable and the visibility perfect. The first highlight was the Statue if Liberty but of course we could also see the entire downtown manhattan on the other direction. Brooklyn bridge was next, followed by Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridge. The boat would go on all around the island so we eventually saw all the bridges and most of the major NY buildings like the Empire State, the Chrysler, the Yankee Stadium, the United Nations an others, Id you are in New York definitely check out their Best of NYC Cruise: 

Our next destination was the Rockefeller Building and as it's called, the Top of the Rock, a viewing platform on the roof and top two floors. On our way there we passed through Times Square and then the famous Radio City Music Hall. We managed to catch an awesome sunset from the top that made the stunning view of New York even more epic. Even though the weather was freezing we stayed till after the sun was completely set and all the city lights were on so we could take some night shots. Day one of our trip was a complete success and it made us very excited of what's to come.

Day 2 - St. John Cathedral, Flat Iron and Brooklyn Bridge Park

We started our second day by getting bagels from a small shop called Absolute Bagels and eating them on a bench in Morningside Park before heading to the Cathedral of Saint John the Devine. The interior of the cathedral was quite beautiful and ornate however what really caught my eye were the various pieces of art and installations they had which will be in my vlog as I didn't take pictures of them. We then got on the subway and went to midtown because Chrissa needed to by some winter boots. We walked around Macy's for a while and then to a generic shoes store where she found the pair she wanted. The Flatiron was very close by so we went to take a few pictures of it before making our way to our actual destination, the High Line. The High Line is a 2.3km long New York City linear park built on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. We walked it up and down and then decided to go to the Brooklyn Bridge to catch the sunrise. There we met a fellow London Instagramer, Chris (@chrisjphotography) who was visiting NYC as well and we did some long exposure photography of the Manhattan skyline together. We ended our night with a very tasty Mexican meal at the Gran Eléctrica, a restaurant under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Day 3 - Guggenheim and Met Museums

Day three was all about visiting museums. Our first destination was the Solomon Guggenheim Museum which we had seen  so many pictures of. Apart from its awesome architecture, this gallery has one of the coolest collections of modern and contemporary art, so we had to see it. On our way there, we crossed Central Park for the first time, and when we got outside the main entrance, as we were taking pictures of the facade, a man came up to us and asked us if we had already been inside. We  replied"not yet" and after asking us where we were from, he offered us two free tickets that he had acquired through his company. We stood there baffled at his generosity and after we thanked him a dozen times he went his way and we went inside. We really enjoyed the museum's layout and collection of art. It had at least one piece of every major modern and contemporary artist. We started from the very top and worked our way down the ramp to the bottom. 

When we were satisfied we moved on and walked a few block down 5th Avenue to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had a couple of hours to explore before it would close for the day and since the museum is massive, we decided to walk around to get a feel for the art and spaces rather than spend time reading labels. We definitely have to come back on our next visit as we only just scratched the surface and it was an awesome museum with way too much to see in only a few hours. After it closed we went for a stroll around midtown and had a bite to eat before returning home.


We woke up to Storm Stella, a blizzard we knew was coming for a couple of days but were hoping would just pass by. Unfortunately it was snowing heavily so we ended up staying in and catching up on some photo editing.

Day 5 - MoMA, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Grand Central, World Trade Centre Mall

The blizzard was gone by morning and most of the sidewalks and road where clear when we stepped outside. Our first destination was the Museum of Modern Art. We spent our morning seeing the art there and then went to St. Patrick's Cathedral which was just a few blocks away. Next we wanted to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum and see the sunset from the One World Observatory however on our way there we made a quick stop at the Grand Central Terminal and then at the World Trade Centre Mall. Our pitstops took a little longer than expected so we decided to postpone our visit to Memorial and the Observatory and go the the Metropolitan Opera. We had found cheap tickets that afternoon for Romeo and Juliet in French so we thought, why not? The Opera building was stunning and so were the sets and costumes. The whole production was very cool however I felt it dragged on for a little too long but I guess all Operas do.

Day 6 - 9/11 Memorial Museum, One World Observatory, American Natural History Museum

We didn't manage to see the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the Observatory the previous day so we made it our first destination for the morning. We first had breakfast and one of the best coffees I've ever had at this awesome little cafe called Voyager Espresso inside the Fulton Street Subway station and then walked to the Museum. Seeing the place where the twin towers used to stand was quite emotional even though we aren't Americans. The room with all the final moments of the plane passengers and the people in the buildings in the moments before they hit was especially saddening. After paying our respects to all the victims, we visited the new observatory up the top of One World Trade Centre. We got to see New York from another angle yet again. After about an hour we left to go meet Alex at the American Natural History Museum. It was really cool seeing the "Night at the Museum" building up close. As with the Met, the museum was way to large to see in only a couple of hours. We visited as many exhibits as we could before they closed for the day and then met up with Julie and we all went for a Peruvian dinner downtown. We ended the night by having drinks at an original Speak-easy prohibition-style bar that served everything in porcelain cups and you had to know how to access it or else it was hidden.

Day 7 - Empire State Building and Carnagie Hall

For day seven Chrissa and I only had one thing on the agenda, the Empire State Building. Julie had to fly to Ohio for her sisters bachelorette and Alex had to study so it was just the two of us. We caught the subway to Tribeca where we had brunch and took some pictures of the new Herzog & de Meuron residential skyscraper that looks like blocks stack on top of each other. We walked the Highline once more to reach the ESB and as it was St. Patrick's day there were dozens of people in the streets dressed in green, drinking and causing trouble. We thought about going to the parade but decided not too as it would be way too much hustle so we went straight to the top of the skyscraper. Seeing the view from our third high-rise observatory we can conclude that the Rockefeller had the best view as it looked directly at the Empire State and the rest of Manhattan and also Central Park. It was still quite nice from up here though. I guess it is a must if it is your first visit to the city as it is an iconic building. Alex had gotten us free tickets through his University to attend an orchestra playing at the Carnegie Hall so that is where we went next. We got really hungry at that point so as we had some time before the show started we decided to find a place to eat. Chrissa found a Burger Joint on Foursquare that was around the corner but we couldn't find it when we arrived there. It turned out to be a small room hidden within a luxury hotel, one of the most random things we've experienced as it was completely out of place. There was a queue all the way to the lobby so at least we knew it was good. Carnegie Hall was impressive, and so was the performance.

Day 8 - Whilliamsburg & Brooklyn Bridge

Chrissa has a friend, Raphael, who lives and works in NYC so we arranged to have brunch with him at a Southeast Asian Fusion restaurant. The food was very interesting however it was too spicy for a first meal of the day in my opinion. After that Raphael had to go and Chrissa and walked across the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn and headed south towards the Brooklyn Bridge where we would walk back across. As soon as we crossed the bridge, we ran into Alline (@beatrici) another London instagramer visiting New York and just happened to be walking the same street we were. We caught up with her for a short while and continued on our way. We walked for a couple of hours  and started craving Brooklyn Pizza. However Williamsburg is a mostly Jewish community and since it was Saturday everything was shut for Sabbath. At this point I also had to pee quite desperately so we walked into the first pizza shop we found. Fortunately the pizza was exactly what we were looking for. The weather wasn't great as there were gusts and drizzle throughout the day. We pushed on nonetheless till we reached and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge where the rain and wind became unbearable. We accessed the first subway station we saw as soon as we came off the bridge and went home to warm up and rest.

Day 9 - Harlem & Flight Back

Our flight back to London was in the evening so we had a few hours during the day to see Harlem which was nearby. Alex showed us some of his favourite streets and then we had brunch at this awesome Bistro that had a wonderful atmosphere, jazz music and tasty food. On our way back home we stopped at the City College of New York and also the Riverbank State Park so I could fly my drone a bit. We picked up our luggage from the house, said our goodbyes with Alex and took the subway to JFK.

Despite the one-day Blizzard and the one rainy day towards the end, the rest of the time was very nice and we saw most of what we wanted to see. We experience some of the culture New York has to offer, we ate amazing food, most of the time, and we walked until our feet could walk no more. New York is definitely a city we need to come back to, as it has so much more to offer and in 9 days even though we did a lot, there are plenty more things to experience. A massive thank you to Alex and Julie for letting us stay with them and making this trip possible! <3

Helicopter Flight Over Cape Town with NAC!

While in Cape Town, the awesome guys at NAC Helicopters (@nachelicopters) took us for an epic flight over the Cape Peninsula and we got to experience it's scenic beauty in a very unique way. This is a collection of the pictures I took on the heli and also the vlog I shot for the day! Book your flight when you visit Cape Town here:

Great River Race

On the 3rd of September Chrissa and her colleagues did the Great River Race. It's a rowing competition on the Thames that starts at the Isle of Dogs and ends near Richmond Park. I borrowed her Bicycle and followed them along the river bank so I could support and film them. Check out the vlog:

Aston Martin Boutique Shoot

I was recently commissioned to shoot the brand new Aston Martin boutique in Mayfair, London and also the Press Release and Opening Party.

The Store

The Press Release

The Opening Party

May 2016 - Weekend in Northern Ireland

In May of 2016 @chrissast and I visited Northern Ireland for a weekend. We rented a car from the airport and drove all around the country chasing Game of Thrones shooting locations and beautiful scenery.

Our first stop was Glenariff Forest Park where we walked around for a while before heading to Cushendun for lunch and to see the Caves where Melisandre gave birth to the Shadow Stannis Monster in the series. After that we went to Murlough Bay, the Dark Hedges, Ballintoy Harbour and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge before heading to Giant's Causeway for the sunset. It was raining when we got there but as soon as we got out of the car, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful sunset. We spent the night Londonderry at a lovely bed and breakfast.

On day two we crossed over to the Republic of Ireland to drive to the top of the island, Malin Head, where the new Star Wars movie was being shot with a few stops in between. The scenery was beautiful but unfortunately we couldn't get access to see the set for the movie. We ended the day in Enniskillen.

Our first stop for day three was the Marble Arch Cave system where we walked around for an hour before heading to the Silent Valley Reservoir on the other side of the country. Our last couple of stops for the trip were Inch Abbey and of course, Belfast.

2016 24hour Project

On the 19th of March some fellow London photographers and I gathered in Piccadilly Circus to do the 24 hour project. A street photography project to document the human condition of multiple cities during one single day. This year, 2702 people participated in 680 Cities, 107 countries. These are some of the pictures I took while roaming London. 

2015 Summer in Greece

I visited my home in Greece for the summer and took the opportunity to travel around a bit. After spending some time in Athens, I visited the island of Andros with a couple of friends and my cousin from Australia who as visiting.



The next stop was the scenic landscape of Meteora where I wanted to photograph the awesome "floating" monasteries and spend some time with my mother.


Then my two best friends and I went to the island of Mykonos which is world famous for its beauty and its partying.


My last stop for this trip was the island of Ithaki where I spent some time with my dad and uncle and enjoyed some down time before heading back to London.

A week in the Land of Ice and Fire

Iceland has been on my bucket list ever since the day I started taking pictures and now I finally got to spend a whole week there! Bridget (@bridgetabroad), a friend from Instagram, and I landed at Keflavic International Airport in the morning of April the 13th, a day after my birthday and I could already tell this would be the best present I  had ever given myself! The weather was cloudy and quite moody but our spirits were high. We rented a car and started driving towards the Capital, Reykjavik for lunch and some sightseeing. We knew that this city didn't have much to offer so we didn't stay the night. Instead we walked around for a few hours, visited a couple of landmarks, had some awesome hotdogs and then got back on the road heading Northwest to catch the sunset at Kirkjufell. 

The plan for this trip was to catch every sunset and sunrise but it became clear after day one that that would be impossible. The sunsets lasted three hours and by the time we went to bed it was already midnight. As the sun rose at half five in the morning this didn't give us enough sleep time. After shooting Kirkjufellfoss in the morning (-fell at the end of a word indicates a mountain, while -foss is a waterfall) we headed back south towards the Golden Circle where we visited Thingvallir National Park. Our next stop was the famous Geysir where water erupts out of holes in the ground every five minutes. That was an exhilarating experience. For the sunset we stopped at the majestic Gulfoss, one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland.

The itinerary had waterfalls for breakfast as well, this time Seljandafoss, a waterfall 60 metres high that you can walk all the way behind. Needless to say we got drenched but it was totally worth it! Our next stop was another waterfall but on our way there we stopped under the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. That’s the one that erupted in 2010 and caused all the trouble with the flight plans. There we spent some time with some gorgeous Icelandic horses. A short drive later we arrived at Skógafoss which greeted us with a stunning double rainbow! We spent a couple of hours taking pictures and hiking around the area and then left to catch the setting sun at the Black Beach Reynisfjara. The sunset was absolutely stunning! I was so focused on capturing it that the tide came in and I got drenched once more! So far the skies had been overcast so there was no chance of seeing the Northern Lights however tonight we saw online that there would be a patch of clear skies nearby. We dropped our stuff at the hotel and made it our mission to drive in the dark until we saw them. After about an hours drive we found a clear patch and waited with our cameras ready. They were very faint and you couldn't really see them with the naked eye but my camera could capture them. I was very excited but I was still hoping to see them with my own two eyes before this trip was over.

Our next destination was Skaftafell where we would hike over a glacier and visit another waterfall. After a nice brunch in Vik we got back into the car and a few hours later we found ourselves right in front of the massive glacier. You are advised not to go on a glacier without a guide but I felt comfortable enough with the knowledge I had about how to be safe on it so I ignored the warnings. Even though I didn't feel unsafe at any point, it was still very scary cause you could hear the ice cracking around you and there were 30 foot crevasses all around. When we were happy with the photos we took there, we headed up the nearby mountain to find the Svartifoss waterfall. This waterfall is famous for its black hexagonal column shaped volcanic formations. Our next destination was Jökulsárlón, also known as Glacier Lagoon. We thought we had missed the sunset, however there was still light in the horizon and it was quite beautiful to take pictures. When looking around, there were thick clouds everywhere except right above the Lagoon so we decided to stay till it got dark in case we were lucky enough to actually see the Aurora this time. And boy did we see it! Minutes before midnight nature put on a spectacular show for us and the sky turned green and purple as Northern Lights danced right above our heads! I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I felt that this trip was complete now, even though we still had three full days left with a lot more to see. 

At the start of the trip we thought we'd only stay in the south part of the island but at this point we had seen most of it and after seeing how good the roads actually were and how easy it was to drive around we decided to head East and then North and actually circle the whole island. We didn’t have an itinerary but only set a goal for where we wanted to spend the night. That meant we got to stop whenever and wherever we wanted for as long as we chose. The drive Northeast was beautiful and the weather was nice and sunny.  The terrain was ever-changing from fields of brown grass to volcanic and snowed peaks, from massive cliffs to black sandy beaches. Eventually we reached our destination, Borgarfjarðarhreppu,  right after the sun had set. Here we stayed at the best guesthouse thus far, just because It had an outdoor hot tub and sauna! We got into the hot tub in the freezing cold and waited for the sky to start dancing once more. There were no clouds to be seen so we were certain we would see the Aurora. And soon after we had become warm in the tub the Lights came! It was simply magical! We just enjoyed them for the next hour. 

The next day we left for Akureyri, one of Iceland's biggest cities situated in the North. On our way there we stopped to see Iceland's strongest waterfall, Dettifoss and also a smaller one a short hike away. When we arrived at Akureyiri the trip had started taking its toll on us so we rested at the hostel for a while and then went for a proper meal before chasing the Northern Lights one last time. The skies were very clear once more and we could see the Lights even from the centre of the city but we also drove outside the city to a nearby beach to see if we could get them reflecting on the water. Unfortunately by the time we got there the Lights where dissipating. 

We still had a whole day to spend in this beautiful country and because we were flying back early next day we decided to stay the night near the airport which meant we had around 500km to drive. Once more we didn't have an exact plan and rather we just stopped anywhere that looked pretty. One of my favourite of these stops was at a small town called Siglufjörður in the far North where the town relected off of its very still waters and had really cute coloured houses. We also tried to find seals in one of the spots where there had been sightings however we were too early in the day for that so we just continued driving. By nightfall we reached the Guesthouse in Keflavik where we prepared the car for dropoff  the next day and our luggage for the flight back home.

Iceland is right at the top of my list of favourite countries now and I would love to go back and see it in different seasons. I had the most amazing time and it was really nice having Bridget as my travel companion! She also took all the photos you see of me here!  I urge everyone who hasn't been to Iceland to add this amazing destination to their Bucket List.