Christmas in Athens

Every year during the holidays I try to go back home to Athens and see my family and friends. This year was no exception but I also wanted to take pictures of the centre of Athens all lit up and decorated for Christmas. Even though I lived there all my life, I hadn't seen it through my lens and it was surprisingly beautiful.

On a sunny December day my friends Irini and Ioanna agreed to be my models, so we hit the streets for some shooting. At the end of that day I found a nice vantage point to photograph the Acropolis at sunset, another thing I hadn't done before.

I had a lovely break and took some time to reflect on the year gone, which was the best one thus far and to plan for the next.

I've set my goals and now look forward to accomplishing them.

Keep an eye out on this page cause I'll be travelling quite a bit in 2015.

Places confirmed so far:

Scottish Highlands



Greek Islands

Munich for Octoberfest


Perhaps more! ;)