Weekend in Brighton

This was my fourth time visiting Brighton and I wanted to do something different. So I looked up if there's any nice landscapes or scenery close by and found two lovely places that I could make day trips out of. 

But first I wanted to shoot the Brighton Pier during the sunset and then walk around the Brighton Lanes and take pictures with all their Christmas decorations.

On Saturday morning I went to a coffee shop for some morning fuel before heading up to the first Scenic Viewpoint, Devil's Dyke. There, I met a lovely young singer, Nuria (@nuriacanada) who agreed to pose for a few portraits for me. After a brief shoot we parted ways and I walked up to Devil's Dyke as I kept missing the bus. It was beautiful to say the least. I spent some time gazing in the far distance and taking in the fresh air before heading to the pub that was at the top for lunch. The sun started to set so I got some nice shots of that and headed back.

I got really lucky with the weather one last time on Sunday so I took the bus to the White Chalk Cliffs known as The Seven Sisters. After about an hour, the bus dropped me off near a river that led to the beach where the Cliffs began. There was a path that went up and down for ten to fifteen kilometres along the cliffs and at the end, another beach. While I was taking photos of the sunset at the end beach, the tide swept in fast and got me soaked, which was kinda fun. After a wet walk to the nearest bus station I got back to Brighton and took the next train back to London.